A-list actor Leo’s broken the Gossip Girl star’s heart

Leonardo DiCaprio’s beloved mum Irmelin wasn’t keen on girlfriend Blake Lively so Leo jetted to Italy with his mother, telling her he needs space.

The 36-year-old actor flew to Capri with Irmelin last week and our source says he’s been ignoring Blake’s emails and texts since.

‘She hasn’t heard a thing from him,’ a friend tells us.

‘All she’s seen are pictures of him all over various women at a wedding reception.

‘It’s awful for poor Blake because one minute Leo’s taking her to Verona in Italy and asking her to move in with him and now suddenly he’s gone all cold on her.

‘She feels totally used and humiliated.

‘Blake thinks she was just a rebound for Leo after his relationship with Bar Refaeli ended.

‘She’s been crying her eyes out since and feels so ridiculous.’