Blake and Leo back on? Apparently so!

Blake has been spending a lot of her time filming the latest season of Gossip Girl in New York City but took some time out to head to Los Angeles where she met up with her beau for a bite to eat.

According to People the couple dined at Umami Burger in Los Feliz, California and an onlooker said: “Blake looked very happy and kept smiling.”

And she wasn’t the only one enjoying the low-key date, Leo seemed smitten with the blonde beauty: “He gently grabbed her hand at one point and he seemed very into Blake.”

However Sources say the couple have broken up and made up twice in one week.

“Blake’s head is spinning,” says a source close to the pair.

“Leo is blows hot and cold with her. He likes his space and it’s becoming a regular thing for them to cool things off or even call it quits. One week they broke up twice only to get back together even more wrapped up in each other than before.”

Recent reports claimed Blake was keen to make Leo her husband!

“She wants to land Leo as a husband,” a source said.

“Everything Blake tells me says Leo is serious. They are making plans together and acting like a serious couple.”

Blake is said to be so smitten with Leo that she’s decided to rent a house “a couple of blocks away” from his Hollywood Hills home.

“She needed a place in L.A. and decided to live as close to Leo as she could,” said the source.

“I don’t think she could have gotten a place any closer. She’s jumping in feet first.

“Blake is really into Leo, and is making it obvious.”