Blake Lively’s Topshop Obsession

Blake has revealed having popular British fashion chain Topshop in New York has ”changed her life”. Blake Lively thinks Topshop has changed her life. The ‘Gossip Girl’ actress was thrilled when the British fashion chain launched a store in New York, and admits it has had a dramatic effect on the way she dresses. She said: “I love layering things. Autumn is always my favourite time of the year to get dressed. Ever since Topshop came to New York – it’s changed my life!”

As well as layering, there are several other trends Blake is enjoying at the moment. She said: “I really like the new craze with darker, studded and ripped up things. I like things that are feminine but still have an edge.” However, the 23-year-old beauty still looks to her stylish ‘Gossip Girl’ character Serena van der Woodsen for fashion tips. She explained: “I love playing Serena. I think her wardrobe is my favourite part – she dresses really well!

“I’m guilty of going to a fitting for Serena, then going out to buy the exact same outfit. It’s a problem for my bank account. “My best friend on set is probably my hairstylist! They do amazing things. But the way I do my hair in the morning before heading to the set of ‘Gossip Girl’ is to just twist it up in a little ballerina bun. When it’s undone again, it’s just wavy.”