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Blake Lively supports Ryan Reynolds at his Aviation Gin event in NYC

Blake Lively supports Ryan Reynolds at his Aviation Gin event in NYC

On August 07, Blake Lively accompanied her husband Ryan Reynolds at his first Employee Orientation for his new liquor company Aviation Gin in New York on Tuesday nigh.

While at the event, Lively snapped a selfie with some pals for her Instagram Story, which she captioned: “The look on our faces when you all go to a party just for the free food…

Blake was looking gorgeous in a Cushnie et Ochs Pre-Fall 2017 Collection Dress and light pink sandals by Gianvito Rossi.

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The Rhythm Section – Production Suspended

Jude Law joined Blake on the set of The Rhythm Section in Dublin, Ireland on Sunday. Blake has also unfortunately injured on the set, with production temporarily suspended.

A spokesperson for the film confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that Lively “sustained an injury to her hand while filming an action sequence” and that “filming has been temporarily suspended” as a result.

“Production will resume as soon as possible,” the statement adds.

A synopsis for the film reads: “A woman seeks revenge against those who orchestrated a plane crash that killed her family.”

The Rhythm Section (Stills & Set)

Yesterday, Blake was spotted sporting a dramatically different hair color while filming on the Dublin set of her upcoming film, The Rhythm Section.

In the photo, Lively wore an black unbuttoned coat over a pair of dark pants and a dark shirt — an ensemble that matched her black-brown, piecey pixie cut.

And the 30-year-old actress recently proved she doesn’t mind giving her new look a little social media love. On Saturday, she shared a picture of her ‘do — a far cry from the actress’ usual long, blonde locks — on her Instagram account, captioning it with the hashtag: “#TheRhythmSectionMovie.”

In previous photographs taken of the actress on set, Lively was seen sporting an equally short, choppy auburn style with blonde streaks.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Rhythm Section is a modern adaptation of the first of British thriller writer Mark Burnell’s Stephanie Patrick series.

THR reported that the movie is about Patrick — played by Lively — a woman who is forced to uncover the truth about her family’s deaths once she learns that the plane crash that killed them was not an accident. And in order to solve the case, she has to adopt the identity of the assassin responsible for the killings.

The film also stars Jude Law and is set to be released in Feb. 22, 2019, according to Deadline.

All I See Is You (Stills)

We have added another x37 stills of Blake in All I See Is You

The Rhythm Section (Set Photos)

Blake Lively plays a deadly assassin in her new espionage film The Rhythm Section, her character Stephanie Patrick loses her family in a plane crash that she later finds out was planned. Before seeking revenge, she turns to drugs and alcohol to cope. Blake proved her dedication to the role on Monday, as she covered up in dishevelled layers and unflattering make-up while filming in Dublin.

All I See Is You (Stills)

We have added a few more stills of Blake in All I See Is You

Live! with Kelly and Ryan (Video + Screencaps)

We have added x394 screencaps of Blake on Live! with Kelly and Ryan recently, check out the video below.

Taylor Jewell Photoshoot

We have added x7 new photoshoot images of Blake taken by photographer Taylor Jewell during the press tour for All I See Is You last week…

All I See Is You (Press Tour)

We have updated the gallery with new photos of Blake at press events for her latest movie All I See Is You

x632 The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in NYC October 13th 2017
x330 ABCs Good Morning America October 2017
x45 All I See Is You screening in NYC October 16th 2017
x21 Blake and Ryan are spotted out for a stroll in NYC October 17th 2017
x66 Blake and Ryan attend a special fan screening of All I See Is You October 16th 2017
x26 Special Event for All I See Is You October 16th 2017
x32 Arrives at an office building wearing a blue wrap trench coat in NYC October 16th 2017
x08 All I See Is You Press Day 2 in NYC October 16th 2017
x11 All I See Is You Press Day in NYC October 16th 2017
x07 Leaving her hotel in NYC October 16th 2017
x36 Arriving at her hotel in NYC October 16th 2017
x27 Leaving Good Morning America with a different outfit in NYC October 16th 2017
x147 Arriving at Good Morning America in NYC October 16th 2017
x19 Spotted at JFK Airport in NYC October 12th 2017
x20 Spotted at LAX Airport in LA October 11th 2017

Blake Lively Opens Up about the “Most Intense Film” of Her Career

How All I See Is You challenged Lively to dig into a difficult role and see nude scenes in a new light.

In the upcoming drama All I See Is You, Blake Lively plays a nearly blind woman whose sight is restored after an urgent, miraculous surgery. The character, Gina, then goes through a whirlwind of change, discovering new things about herself, her sexuality, and her marriage. It’s a fraught psychological affair, with Gina’s husband (played by Jason Clarke) slowly realizing that he misses the days when his wife was wholly dependent on him.

“It’s the performance that I’m most proud of,” Lively tells Vanity Fair.

Directed by Marc Forster, the film requires a lot of Lively, who appears in nearly every scene as her character transforms from a meek woman into a determined siren. Forster shapes the drama with experimental flair, featuring kaleidoscopic imagery and racy scenes that required Lively to appear partially nude on screen for the first time in her career.

That was so outside her wheelhouse that Lively almost never saw the script in the first place; her team assumed she would not be interested in a role that required nudity, and Forster was unwilling to remove it. “I thought well, he’s not unmoving. Let me read it and if it’s great, then I’ll [talk] him out of it.”

So Lively read the script, and instantly fell in love—nude scene and all. The way Forster had written it actually changed the way Lively viewed on-screen nudity: “I always find nudity distracting,” she says. “I’m very in love with my husband, but if there’s a pair of boobs out, I’m a human being! You’re like ‘boobs!’ It doesn’t mean I’m lusting for them, [but] when there’s naked boobies, you look at them.”

For character research, Lively consulted with blind friends and experimented with using blackout glasses. Throughout the film, the actress also has to wear a variety of contact lenses to show her character’s evolving states of visibility. In an act of true kismet, the on-set lens technician who worked with Lively had actually gone through something similar to her character’s experience, and was able to serve as an instant resource for the actress.

“I was really acting for her,” she says. “[I would ask] is this the accurate reaction? How do you feel? If I would make her laugh, or if I would make her cry . . . then I knew I was doing my job.”

The film took place and was actually shot in Thailand last year. Lively leapt right into the job just four months after giving birth to her second daughter, working grueling 19-hour work days. “I don’t remember a moment that we weren’t filming,” she says. “It was the most intense film I’d ever been on.”

When asked how one manages to keep up regular 19-hour work days, Lively laughs: “You just stop sleeping at night.”

All I See Is You hits theaters on October 27. Check out an poster and screencaps we have added to the gallery…