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The Rhythm Section (Stills & Set)

Yesterday, Blake was spotted sporting a dramatically different hair color while filming on the Dublin set of her upcoming film, The Rhythm Section.

In the photo, Lively wore an black unbuttoned coat over a pair of dark pants and a dark shirt — an ensemble that matched her black-brown, piecey pixie cut.

And the 30-year-old actress recently proved she doesn’t mind giving her new look a little social media love. On Saturday, she shared a picture of her ‘do — a far cry from the actress’ usual long, blonde locks — on her Instagram account, captioning it with the hashtag: “#TheRhythmSectionMovie.”

In previous photographs taken of the actress on set, Lively was seen sporting an equally short, choppy auburn style with blonde streaks.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Rhythm Section is a modern adaptation of the first of British thriller writer Mark Burnell’s Stephanie Patrick series.

THR reported that the movie is about Patrick — played by Lively — a woman who is forced to uncover the truth about her family’s deaths once she learns that the plane crash that killed them was not an accident. And in order to solve the case, she has to adopt the identity of the assassin responsible for the killings.

The film also stars Jude Law and is set to be released in Feb. 22, 2019, according to Deadline.

All I See Is You (Stills)

We have added another x37 stills of Blake in All I See Is You

All I See Is You (Stills)

We have added a few more stills of Blake in All I See Is You

All I See is You Trailer (Video)

The trailer for Blake Lively’s latest thriller which debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.

In All I See is You Blake stars alongside Jason Clarke as couple whose perfect marriage unravels. Gina (Lively) lost her vision after a car accident during childhood. She depends on her husband James (Clarke) to be her eyes. She regains her sight through a corneal transplant and the marriage and relationship is turned upside down.

We have also added x05 new stills and set photos to the gallery…

All I See Is You (Still)

We have added a gorgeous new black & white still of Blake as Gina in All I See Is You

All I See Is You (Stills)

We have added x16 new HQ stills for Blakes upcoming film All I See Is You