Fears for Blake and Leo’s romance already?

Blake Lively is reportedly feeling “tearful” about her relationship with Leonardo DiCaprio.

The pair have been linked for some time, but went public with their romance in May. They were spotted in France and Italy together, with sources close to the actor claiming he was smitten.

However, things seemed to have cooled in recent weeks. Blake is said to be worried the romance is already on the rocks, and has been turning to her pals for support.

“Blake has been staying with him in Los Angeles or New York most nights, but now it’s like he’s gone from hot to cold,” a source told the British edition of Grazia. “Blake’s friends warned her to be careful. Every day that he doesn’t call her, she becomes more and more tearful.”

Blake is reported to have asked Leonardo to go with her to America Ferrera’s recent wedding, but he decided against attending. She’s now worried her feelings aren’t reciprocated and is worried about the future.

“At first he was the one doing all the chasing, but now the tables have turned and Blake fears it is all over,” the source added.