Full Version is now Open

Finally the full version of blake-lively.net is open! The layout, the content, the gallery, almost evenrything. I really hope you like the layout, really simple, but beautiful pictures of Blake, she looks absolutley amazing! Almost all the pages are done, I’m working on getting everything up as soon as possible. I have added over 9.700 pictures to the gallery and there are much more left to come. I really hope you like everything :)

I haven’t been able to fix everything with the Video Vault yet, I have made all the categories, but I haven’t added any videos yet! But it’s coming soon, now that I have opened up the full version of the site I can consentrate on that for a wile.

Affiliates are open for anyone to request, we are currently looking for affiliates. So go on and apply to be affiliates with blake-lively.net. If you do have any questions you can email me at fansitesdotcom [ at ] gmail.com. Welcome Back!