‘Gossip Girl’ Causes Problems For NYPD

While most teens will fall over themselves at the mere mention of Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Ed Westwick, Taylor Momsen, Chace Crawford and Leighton Meester – the cast of Gossip Girl – but the New York Police Department probably aren’t that crazy about the stars or their show.

Why you ask? Just over the weekend police personnel had to step in to protect their cast of the hit TV show when fans swamped the outdoor production set.

According to The New York Post, police barricades and security guards had to be brought in to keep devoted fans at a distance as the cast shot scenes in and around Manhattan’s Empire Hotel.

The fact that Lively and Badgley are also an off-screen couple didn’t help. While taking a break from shooting a scene, the couple were seen cuddling and that sent not only fans wild but it also gave the ever present paparazzi photo opportunities. “It was chaos. Fans were screaming and people were rushing to get to rooftops to get a glimpse,” a source at the scene told the newspaper.

The cast were on location for Westwick’s character’s roaring ’20s party.

Source: Star eCentral