Gossip Girl Season 3 Spoilers

Gossip Girl returns March 8, and it sounds like it will come back with a bang.

Executive producers Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage took to Twitter yesterday afternoon to answer fan questions and tease viewers about what’s to come as season three wraps up.

Read on for what is to come with the remaining episodes – warning: spoilers! Some of it will hopefully turn out to be pretty exciting, for the lackluster third season (in my opinion).

Josh Schwartz:
Next 10 eps bringing the heat and headbands. All your fave couples (ALL…) getting lotsa screen time. Big finale. XOXO

Nate and Serena in the closet, on the kitchen floor… 9 1/2 Weeks in 9 1/2 seconds. D/V learn they’re better as 2some than 3some

Carter Baizen and Georgina Sparks are coming back. But Damian is GG’s newest pot stirrer… pot being the least of his offenses..

For the record we don’t let spoilers leak bc they upset fans. We think there’s a mole. We r doing Blair Waldorf scheme to find who

N and J will be sharing a lot of time… and a whole more, if J has anything to say about it.

Stephanie Savage (via Josh Schwartz’s Twitter account):
“Gossip Girl (the site) will be dropping some of her biggest gossip bombs to date. She’s back in a big way.” Less NYU, more UES

“Blair goes from victim to vixen.” Also, Chuck will get a huge storyline. Super emotional. Ed’s best work to date!

“The return of Dr VDW will have Team Humphrey vs Team VDW.” Also, Eric gets a new boyfriend. Cyrus Rose returns. And so does Agnes

“[Chair] are in stories together every episode for the rest of the season.” It’s the most emotional stories they have done.