New Gallery Layout & ‘GG’ Screencaptures

As some of you might have seen I put up a new layout at the gallery yesterday, what do you think about it? I think it looks pretty good, simple and classy. :love Blue, white and grey. The header images are from the Cleo shoot, Blake looks so amazing in that shoot, take a look here.

I have also added screencaptures from the two latest Gossip Girl episodes, 2.12 and 2.13. Totally 820 pictures have been added to the gallery. Here are some previews, enjoy!

3 Comments on “New Gallery Layout & ‘GG’ Screencaptures”

  1. love the new layout- but where can i find the old picture that was on the old layout? i want to bring it in to my stylist- can you tell me where i can find it on the site or email me at

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