Nobu to Private Jet in London

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds left their London hotel for Luton Airport, where they hopped on a private jet yesterday. Before catching their flight, the couple left their hotel and grabbed dinner at Nobu in Mayfair. Blake and Ryan have been on the go for the past few weeks after kicking off the month in the UK at the Chime For Change benefit concert. It was their first official appearance as a married couple, after they tied the knot in a surprise ceremony last Fall.

Aside from the event, Ryan and Blake have had a pretty low-key year as newlyweds, but things will soon pick up since Ryan will get started promoting R.I.P.D.before it hits theaters next month. He also has Selfless, which recently got a Fall 2014 release date, in the works but will no longer be taking part in the Highlander reboot since it was announced that he dropped out of the role last week.

Blake on the other hand, has been “apparently” trying to focus on her career rather than becoming a mum – close friends say Ryan is however, desperate to have kids.