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Welcome to, your #1 fansite for the beautiful and talented American actress. First known for playing Serena Van Der Woodsen in Gossip Girl but you may also know her from her work in The Age of Adaline (2015), Green Lantern (2011) & Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (2007). Up next, Blake is set to star in The Shallows (2016) and Woody Allen's Cafe Society (2016) Please browse the site for info, visit our image gallery and we will continue to bring you updates, enjoy your stay!

I have added a lot of posters, stills, on set pics and screencaps from several of Blake’s movies like Elvis & Annabelle, The Town, The Private Lives of Pippa Lee, New York, I Love You and more.


– Film Productions: Last uploads

The third season of Gossip Girl is only 8 days away and you can view some episode stills and promos in the gallery and view some clips from the first episode here!

Hey everyone, Mikaela here, I will not be updating so much right now, Mycah will make the most updates but I am still on board. Right now I have added all the missing stills from Gossip Girl season 2. You can view the latest uploaded pictures here. A total of x85 HQ and MQ stills have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!


– Season 2 Episode Stills: Last uploads

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After several months of no updates, we’re back! My name is Mycah and I am going to be taking over Blake Lively Source. I’m a big fan of Blake and honored to be working here. Unfortunately Mikaela has been really busy and hasn’t had much time for the site. But she’s assured me that she’s not leaving entirely just going to be updating as much as possible given her schedule, so we’ll be here for you Blake Lively needs!

As you can see I have already but up a new layout and updated many pages, and tomorrow I will be back with tons of updates to get us back on track before the third season return of Gossip Girl! You can expect lots to come soon including missing events, scans, shoots, screencaps and content updates. Stay tuned!

Finally I have watched the latest episodes of Gossip Girl and I did also cap them. Great! I really liked the most recent episodes of the show. I have added over 2000 screencaps, so now the gallery have over 21,000 images in the gallery.

I have some more catching up to do in the gallery, such as events, Gossip Girl stills, on set pictures, etc. Stay tuned!


– Screencaps: 2.14 – In the Realm of the Basses
– Screencaps: 2.15 – Gone with the Will
– Screencaps: 2.16 – You’ve Got Yale
– Screencaps: 2.17 – Carnal Knowledge
– Screencaps: 2.18 – The Age of Dissonance
– Screencaps: 2.19 – The Grandfather
– Screencaps: 2.20 – Remains of the J

Hello Guys! Sorry for not updating that much lately, but as you see I have been starting to update and get the site up to date. Now I have update the photoshoot section with 063 new and old outtakes of Ms. Blake. The images looks really amazing, if you have any addition and would like to donate them, you can email me at mikaela [at]

Stay tuned for some more updates. My next image addition will be the most recent event images. Come back soon! :cool


– Photoshoots from 2007: Alternative Press Magazine
– Photoshoots from 2007: Entertainment Weekly #01 adds
– Photoshoots from 2007: People #02 adds
– Photoshoots from 2007: TV Guide #02
– Photoshoots from 2008: Cosmopolitan
– Photoshoots from 2008: Entertainment Weekly
– Photoshoots from 2008: New York Times
– Photoshoots from 2008: People
– Photoshoots from 2008: Vanity Fair #02 adds
– Photoshoots from 2009: Vogue

Blake is on the April cover of Marie Claire too. It’s old images but stunning as always and here is some of the article.

Playing Gossip Girl‘s queen of the Upper East Side – in a wardrobe to die for – has propelled Blake Lively to It girl status. So how does a 21-year-old former class president cope with instant celebrity?

Are you surprised by the impact Gossip Girl has had?

Just the fact that it’s airing anywhere else is unbelievable. It feels like everybody’s playing a big hoax on us.

Is it true your brother Eric whisked you away on a tour of Europe to convince you to become an actress?

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Blake Lively and Leighton Meester take the April cover of Rolling Stone magazine! It’s a really smokin’ and fun photoshoot. The rest of the Gossip Girl cast is also inside the magazine. View some outtakes below and there is also a behind the scenes video here. Captures of that will come soon.

“They didn’t tell us anything about the concept,” Blake Lively says. “We didn’t know we’d have any props, but we saw this big fun table — like a kid’s birthday party. Um, some of it was a little mature for a kid’s birthday party. Some of the … inflatable items. But it’s all been a surprise; it’s been really fun.”

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