Blake for IMDb’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

For IMDb’s 20th anniversary celebration, we sat down with some of our favorite actors, directors, writers and producers to find out about their love of movies, and why movies inspire them. Actress Blake Lively, currently on the big screen in The Town and warming up your television Monday nights on Gossip Girl, talks about her favorite movie, how she started acting, and more. WATCH VIDEO HERE

Blake braves the rain to visit David Letterman

She is still on a whistle top promotional tour to promote her new Ben Affleck directed movie The Town. And last night Blake Lively braved the wet New York weather to stop by David Letterman’s late night talk show last night. Wearing a stunning form-fitting black sequined cocktail dress that showed off her amazing figure, Blake posed for pictures and signed autographs outside the studio before her appearance.

The 23-year-old actress stars in The Town alongside Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, and Jon Hamm. In the film she plays Krista Coughlin, a drug dealing single mother whose boyfriend, played by Affleck, is a bank robber being chased by the FBI. John Hamm stars as the over eager FBI agent persuing the felon. ‘This part was originally supposed to be for a 37-year-old woman—she’s a mother—but when I read the script, I knew I had to have the part,’ she claimed of the role. ‘It was selfish of me. I worried I would ruin it for other people. But I had to try it.’

Earlier in the day Blake shot scenes for season four of the hit CW show Gossip Girl alongside her on-screen friend and off-screen boyfriend Penn Badgley. The pair have been an item since the first season of the show began back in 2007. They appeared deep in serious conversation as the cameras rolled and as soon as they were off the pair frolicked around on the sidewalk and laughed as they chatted. Blake kept dry under a huge umbrella and had replaced her usual towering heels for more comfortable sheepskin boots in between takes.

Alec Baldwin says Learn from Lively, not Lohan

Alec Baldwin has praised Gossip Girl star Blake Lively for acting as a positive role model for young girls and slammed Lindsay Lohan for wasting this opportunity.  Speaking at a gala commemorating 30 years of PETA, the 30 Rock actor confessed that he would like to see Lively pose for one of the charity’s famous naked campaigns, but for strictly legitimate reasons.

“These younger girls, whether they get naked or not, are the biggest stars, who are the role models,” he told E! News. “I’m a big fan of [Blake Lively]. I think she’s a really really gorgeous woman, very stylish. These are the ones who have all the influence.”  Subtly referring to the troubled Mean Girls star, Baldwin added: “There are certain people who, I won’t name, but they are in and out of rehab, they’re getting arrested for drug use and they’re twittering about their drug problem – it’s a shame.

“I think those people had a real opportunity to fill a certain role in society and they didn’t necessarily step up, but those that are I think it’s a great thing if they get involved with anti-fur or anti-animal testing.”

New Candids Added –

Blake on top of the World

As one of the most dedicated actresses out there, Blake Lively was spotted putting an end to the work week on the New York set of “Gossip Girl”. The Serena van der Woodsen babe shot scene after scene, taking small breaks in between takes to get her makeup touched up and take a peek at her phone. 

In other news, Ms Lively recently opened up about her “awkward” and “unromantic” sex scene in her latest film, “The Town.” Of the movie scene, Blake told press, “It’s awkward, it’s unromantic and it’s also very tragic in a lot of ways because these are two people that hate each other and they’re stuck in this rut. It wasn’t there to be a gratuitous sex scene for the trailer or to get guys to watch this movie, it’s actually a turn off for the audience, everybody around and for us,” she added.

We are currently adding a weeks worth of blake pics from the Gossip Girl set….. wahoo! Go Blake, smile and enjoy every minute!

Count your Images

Blake certainly is the talk of “The Town” right now what with her new feature film hitting the top spot in the US and the successful TV series, “Gossip Girl” launching season 4… to celebrate we have added a ton of new images from the past couple of days, check them out in the gallery now!

Blake Beats Penn Badgley in Box Office Battle

Blake’s film, The Town, ruled the box office this weekend, taking in $23,800,000. Meanwhile, Blake’s boyfriend Penn Badgley watched his film, Easy A, come in second at the box office with $18,200,000.

The two films were both geared at completely different audiences: The Town is a gritty Ben Affleck-directed crime thriller set in Boston while Easy A is a teen comedy starring Emma Stone. The two films opened on the same weekend, sparking a friendly box office competition between the two lovers.

Blake Lively’s Topshop Obsession

Blake has revealed having popular British fashion chain Topshop in New York has ”changed her life”. Blake Lively thinks Topshop has changed her life. The ‘Gossip Girl’ actress was thrilled when the British fashion chain launched a store in New York, and admits it has had a dramatic effect on the way she dresses. She said: “I love layering things. Autumn is always my favourite time of the year to get dressed. Ever since Topshop came to New York – it’s changed my life!”

As well as layering, there are several other trends Blake is enjoying at the moment. She said: “I really like the new craze with darker, studded and ripped up things. I like things that are feminine but still have an edge.” However, the 23-year-old beauty still looks to her stylish ‘Gossip Girl’ character Serena van der Woodsen for fashion tips. She explained: “I love playing Serena. I think her wardrobe is my favourite part – she dresses really well!

“I’m guilty of going to a fitting for Serena, then going out to buy the exact same outfit. It’s a problem for my bank account. “My best friend on set is probably my hairstylist! They do amazing things. But the way I do my hair in the morning before heading to the set of ‘Gossip Girl’ is to just twist it up in a little ballerina bun. When it’s undone again, it’s just wavy.”

Blake on Live with Regis and Kelly

Blake appeared on Live With Regis & Kelly earlier today, we have some photos of her arriving in the gallery here and the interview below! Yey, the BLAKE shoe :)

Blake is in Toronto

The star-studded cast of The Town pose for a portrait session during the 2010 Toronto Film Festival at Hyatt Regency Hotel yesterday in Toronto, Canada. Co-stars Jon Hamm, Rebecca Hall, Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Blake Lively, and Chris Cooper were joined by producer Basil Iwanyk and author Chuck Hogan, who wrote the original novel.

“With his follow-up [to Gone, Baby, Gone] Affleck proves he’s no one-trick pony,” writes one reviewer. “It’s just as smart and well-executed as Affleck’s last, and with him back in front of the camera too, it delivers on all that promise of Affleck’s earlier career as an actor.” Kudos, Ben!

Season 4 ‘Gossip Girl’ Teaser