Penn confirms he’s dating ‘Gossip Girl’ co-star Blake

It is now official :)

It’s not mere gossip … Penn Badgely says his relationship with Blake Lively is the real thing.

Now that their super-hyped TV show, “Gossip Girl,” has wrapped for the season, Badgely finally opened up about his on-set romance with co-star Lively, 20.

Rumors of the two being more than just friends heated up after they were spotted smooching on a recent vacation to Mexico’s Mayan Riveria.

“Obviously, there’s chemistry there,” Badgely, 21, told E!’s “Daily 10.” Despite that, he quickly added that he was “not a fan” of on-set romances and thought they could “cause a lot of drama.” (Romances causing drama? Wait, this sounds like a TV show. …)

The newest teen heartthrob also said shooting the show in New York City is different from L.A., calling the Gotham city a bit “tame” in comparison.


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  1. awww,how cute.n of course they’re a couple,they’ve been cuddling n smoochin’ all d time!im d oppisite of mad(n envy)-im so happy 4 them,they r so ah-dorable 2gether!n i honestly,canawt believe dat Penn would confess,i mean did he n Blake talk about dis or was he really pressured n annoyed w/ d rumors dat he gave up alrdy….suddenly???whatevs.let’s jus 4get d past,get ourselves 2gether,keep our fingers crossed,n get all giddy!!!u know u heart me(!),Kate.

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