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Opened: October 28, 2007
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From Mikaela (2007)
I decided to make when I saw Blake in the new hit CW Show Gossip Girl. She’s just such an talented actress. But this wasen’t the moment I fell inlove with her! In 2006 I saw The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants for the first time and I fell in love, with the movie and with Blake. She had such charisma and ‘talented’ was written all over her!

There are no big, big fansites for Blake Lively out there, so I decided to make her a frequently updated source for fans to come and visit. And I’ve beentrying to build a good site for you fans.

Now Blaka is filming more episodes of “Gossip Girl” and she is also filming the sequel, The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants 2. Hopefully she’ll be doing more interesting projects in the future. And this site is growing for everyday that goes by!

While Mikaela adores Blake, she decided to step down as co-web and offered the site to her good friend Mycah. In 2010 we both decided to leave the site while it was becoming to much work so Jessica took over.